Which manga were released in 2022?

The year 2022 was a memorable one for Shounen  manga enthusiasts due to the emergence of several legendary Shounen  series. Here are three of the most noteworthy Shounen  manga releases of 2022!

1. Tokyo Revengers: A Letter from Keisuke Baji

Story line:

A story about Chifuyu Matsuno and Keisuke Baji that wasn't revealed in the main story, from their first encounter to their final goodbye. Vice-captain Chifuyu Matsuno still can't accept the death of Keisuke Baji, captain of the 1st Division, in a conflict with Valhalla. That's when he receives a letter from Baji back when he was still alive.


Action  Drama  School Life  Shounen

2. Blue Lock: EPISODE Nagi

Story line:

Seishiro Nagi, a second-year high schooler, thought everything was a pain and lived his life in an apathetic fog. That is, until he met Reo Mikage and they entered the mysterious striker training center, Blue Lock... A new spin-off from Blue Lock's author, Muneyuki Kaneshiro, telling the story from Nagi's point of view!


Action  Drama  Shounen  Sports

1. Goodbye, Eri

Story line:

Yuta’s moviemaking career started with a request from his mother to record her final moments. After her death, Yuta meets a mysterious girl named Eri, who takes his life in new directions. The two begin creating a movie together, but Eri is harboring an explosive secret.


Psychological  Shounen  Slice of Life  Supernatural  Tragedy

Award achieved:

Nominated for the Harvey Awards in 2023.

Where can I read those manga?

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