What is Comedy manga? Top 2 Best Comedy manga of all time? Where to read the best Comedy manga?

What is Comedy manga?

Comedy manga, as the name suggests, refers to a genre of manga that is primarily focused on humor and comedic situations. These manga series aim to entertain readers through their comedic elements, witty dialogue, and humorous plotlines.

Top 2 Best Comedy manga of all time?

1. Call Me Master

Description:  Zhou Ming is reborn as the head of a small school who is full of girls. In order to survive, for dignity, and for the sake of his sister, he used his golden fingers to overcome all difficulties and lead the long-declined sect on the road to rise. Genre(s): 
Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Harem, Manhua, Martial Arts

2. The Housekeeper in the Dungeon

Description:  The return of good looks! And cooking skills on top?! Lee Heena, an ordinary South Korean office worker. Age 25. Today, another ordinary day completely lost in overtime… is what she thought. She suddenly awakened. And then suddenly fell into a dungeon. “God, Buddha, Allah! Please let me awaken as a fighting-type hunter! If possible, a strong one!!” From the desperate wish, the system responded. [Congratulations!] [You have awakened as a hidden class, ‘Housekeeper’ (D)!] Although Heena’s skills in Plucking Herbs (C), Exterminating Pests (D), This is the Taste of My Magic Touch (D) are very useful in daily life, can she survive with these skills?! But, what’s this? Kang Jinhyeon, South Korea’s No. 1 ranking S-Class hunter, tried his hand at flirting. “I will leave everything I have to you.” “Hunter Kang Jinhyeon…” “Yes. Will you take responsibility for me?” “Why do you ask me to be your housekeeper in such a weird way?!” Is the simple and ordinary daily life that Heena dreamt of okay?! With a talking snail and moving pet plants ♥ Genre(s): 
Comedy, Fantasy, Manhwa, Romance

Where to read the best Comedy manga?

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