Long Strip

Top 2 Best Long Strip manga of all time? Where to read those manga?

What is Long Strip manga?

Long Strip manga, also known as Webtoons or Webcomics, refers to a specific format of manga that is designed to be read vertically on digital platforms. Unlike traditional manga, which is read from right to left in panels on a page, long strip manga is formatted in a continuous vertical scroll, allowing readers to easily swipe or scroll through the story.

Top 2 Best Long Strip manga of all time?

1. Surviving as an Illegitimate Princess

Description:  “Don’t ignore me just because I’m a child! This is my 10th life!” She’s an illegitimate princess who was misunderstood for having the same blood as the enemy country and got killed early. After nine tragic repeats, she finds out who her father is. Paeon, a war hero and the strongest knight on the continent who defeated the devil. He had me during a forbidden love with the princess and left me! In order to survive the harsh life of the royal palace, I decided to take advantage of this ill-tempered father and throw him away. Don’t you think I’ll be like your heir, the caretaker that watches over your health, and the knights who follow you like a puppy! I’m going to be the strongest and escape this sick country as soon as possible! Leo, the son of the devil, I met while growing up. I wasn’t eluding my dad, but it was pitiful to live in prison as a hostage. “Asha, you shouldn’t be engaged to anyone.” “What? Why?” “I have to take responsibility for you for all my life.” “What?” “We’ve been together for the night.” What is this prince talking about…? The prince of the enemy country who tries to commit forbidden love! Can the unlucky princess change her fate? Genre(s):  Adventure, Fantasy, Full Color, Historical, Long Strip, Magic, Magical, Manhwa, Romance, Web Comic

2. This Is An Obvious Fraudulent Marriage

Description:  The country Sophen had been destroyed by the Empire. The sole daughter of a count family, Leylin Efran, had to find a husband to be able to inherit her family. So she wouldn’t have to suffer through loveless marriage, Leylin decided to find a husband to have a one-year contract marriage with. In the middle of her quest, a young and dashing man appeared before her. Leylin was convinced this is the right man for her, but is he truly the answer to Leylin’s perilous situation? Genre(s): 
Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Long Strip, Manhwa, Romance, School Life, Shoujo, Slice of Life

Where to read the best Long Strip manga?

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