What is Anime? Top 2 Best Anime of all time?

What is Anime?

Anime is a term used to refer to a style of animation that originated in Japan. It encompasses a wide range of animated works, including television series, films, and web series. Anime is known for its distinctive art style, vibrant visuals, and diverse storytelling.

Top 2 Best Anime of all time?

1. Bastian

Description:  The grandson of an antique dealer and the beggar princess got married. Lasting for two years, they were to engage in a contract marriage to fulfill their respective interests. An aspiring naval officer and wealthy man, a grandchild of an antique dealer who is despised solely due to his humble bloodline despite his golden success. Bastian Clauvitz needed a stepping stone for success and revenge. A fallen aristocrat who can only relive the glory of the past, a princess who makes a living through manual labors even though she has the blood of the imperial family flowing within her. Odette von Dysen needed money to start a new life. Both thought it was a beneficial deal, until something unexpected happened. “You ruined the most precious thing to me, so it’s only fair if you lose something equally precious, too. Am I wrong?” Bastian decided to hold her responsible for the damage that occurred. Hate, resentment, regret, even the name of this damn woman. For the sake of a complete end where everything was burned white and faded. Genre(s): 
Action, Adaptation, Adventure, Anime, Cartoon, Comedy, Comic, Drama, Fantasy, Manhwa, Romance, Webtoons

2. Spicy Wife’s Reborn World

Description:  Reborn in pursuit of revenge, I am sure I can easily achieve my goal, as I happen to be as rich as Bill Gates, as beautiful as Audrey Hepburn, and as deadly as deadpool. However, none of these above works when it comes to dealing with a sweating and panting CEO, who is poisoned, who is in need of “immediate relief.” I’d love to help, but don’t pull an ice-cool face when you’re kissing me, sir! Genre(s): 
Action, Adventure, Anime, Cartoon, CEO, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Girl Power, Josei, Liexing, Manga, Manhua,

Where can I read the best Anime?

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