Contract Marriage

Top 2 Best Contract Marriage manga of all time? Where to read those manga?

What is Contract Marriage manga?

Contract Marriage manga, also known as “fake marriage” or “convenience marriage” manga, is a popular subgenre of romance manga that revolves around a fictional marriage arrangement between two characters. In this type of manga, the main characters enter into a contractual marriage for various reasons, such as financial gain, family obligations, or professional circumstances.

Top 2 Best Contract Marriage manga of all time?

1. Ladies Prefer Menservants

Description:  Qin Luoyi was set up by her sister and has a one-night stand with a man at bar! She was banished from the family and to make up for her reputation, she was advised to marry the man she slept with. Luckily, Qin Luoyi bumped into that man at bar again. Thinking he worked here as a manservant, Qin Luoyi asked bluntly whether he wanted to start a contract marriage with her. And the man be like “Fine, I am a successful CEO so I will definitely be an excellent manservant.” Genre(s): 
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2. Oh, My Beloved Concubine

Description:  Dora, a girl from the modern century, accidentally transmigrates to ancient times and inhabits the body of the Second Lady of the Prime Minister’s manor. Pushed around and often brought to her knees, the Second Lady falls in love with a complete jerk before dying in the hands of a malicious villain. However, from now on, she will no longer be a foolish, meek little girl! She will make all of her enemies pay… Very, very dearly! Genre(s): 
Contract Marriage, Contract Marriage, Counterattack, Counterattack, Fantasy, Fantasy, Girl Power, Girl

Where to read the best Contract Marriage manga?

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