Top 2 Best Reincarnation manga of all time? Where to read those manga?

What is Reincarnation manga?

Reincarnation manga is a genre of Japanese comics that explores the concept of reincarnation, which is the belief in the rebirth of a soul into a new body after death. These manga typically involve characters who are reborn or transported into a different time, world, or body, retaining memories or abilities from their past lives.

Top 2 Best Reincarnation manga of all time?

1. I Thought It Was a Common Isekai Story

Description:  I Was the Villainess Who Would Die by the Hands of the Male Lead, but I Know This Cliché! I thought it was a pretty good deal to die unjustly, as a payment for the price I paid for being the villainess. Until I realized that I couldn’t escape from the original plotline. If I was going to die anyway according to the original, then let’s give a kiss to my handsome husband! “Please satisfy me like a snake flower of Ridelhoff. You never know, it might even lead to some benefits.” … Why did the original plot start to change? Genre(s): 
Full Color, Isekai, Reincarnation, Romance, Time Travel

2. My Second Husband Is Desperate And Depressed

Description:  “Not a single soul in Olivia Florence’s life, including her own husband, provided the warmth that she craved, and she lived her life alone, growing strong. Waking up two decades earlier right after her regretful arranged marriage to the Duke, Lord James Parnell, she plans to live a different life. She hatches a plan to anull her marriage remarry the Duke, Ian Tyrone, infamous for being “”IMPOTENT”” for never showing any interest in the ladies. Maybe his disinterest in women would allow Olivia to comfortably live as his wife, unburdened by childbirth and free of any other pressures in life. But wait, the Duke who seemingly “”couldn’t get it up”” turns out to be a complete stud at in the bedroom. What has Olivia gotten herself into?” Genre(s): 
Comedy, Drama, Ecchi, Fantasy, Game, Harem, Josei, Manhwa, Reincarnation, Romance, Royal family, Shoujo,

Where to read the best Reincarnation manga?

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