Top 2 Best Horror manga of all time? Where to read those manga?

What is Horror manga?

Horror manga is a genre of manga that focuses on creating terrifying and suspenseful stories that aim to frighten and unsettle readers. It encompasses a wide range of themes, including supernatural elements, psychological horror, gore, and suspenseful storytelling.

Top 2 Best Horror manga of all time?

1. Mad Detective

Description:  A mobster, who had no morals to speak of, was reincarnated in a parallel world as a detective in the Major Crimes Department by accident. With the help of a strange system, he solves cases time and again, eventually becoming a brash godly detective. Genre(s): 
Action, Crime, Delinquents, Ecchi, Horror, Isekai, Mystery, Romance, Supernatural

2. Never-Ending Darling

Description:  Ha-im Yun lives in a world where people register their DNA into cloning databases, a world where human suffering has basically been eradicated. The brilliant mind behind this cloning technology is none other than Ha-im’s boyfriend of five years, Geunhu Ji. Their relationship isn’t perfect, but they make it work — or so Ha-im thinks, until she finds a dead body at her boyfriend’s house… and the dead body is hers. The next day, she wakes up with no recollection of the previous day until she finds a note from herself in her room… “Ha-im, if you’re reading this, you’re a clone. Genre(s):  Drama, Horror, Mystery, Thriller

Where to read the best Horror manga?

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