Top 2 Best Shoujo manga of all time? Where to read Shoujo manga?

What is Shoujo manga?

Shoujo manga is a genre of Japanese comics primarily targeted towards young girls and teenage female readers. The term "shoujo" translates to "young girl" in English, reflecting its intended audience. Shoujo manga covers a wide range of themes, often focusing on romance, drama, friendship, and personal growth.

Top 2 Best Shoujo manga of all time?

1. My Second Husband Is Desperate And Depressed

Description:  “Not a single soul in Olivia Florence’s life, including her own husband, provided the warmth that she craved, and she lived her life alone, growing strong. Waking up two decades earlier right after her regretful arranged marriage to the Duke, Lord James Parnell, she plans to live a different life. She hatches a plan to anull her marriage remarry the Duke, Ian Tyrone, infamous for being “”IMPOTENT”” for never showing any interest in the ladies. Maybe his disinterest in women would allow Olivia to comfortably live as his wife, unburdened by childbirth and free of any other pressures in life. But wait, the Duke who seemingly “”couldn’t get it up”” turns out to be a complete stud at in the bedroom. What has Olivia gotten herself into?” Genre(s):  Comedy, Drama, Ecchi, Fantasy, Game, Harem, Josei, Manhwa, Reincarnation, Romance, Royal family, Shoujo,

2. The Way That Knight Lives As a Lady

Description:  The sword of my closest friend and trusted adjutant pierced my body. When I opened my eyes again, I had become a noble lady of the enemy kingdom. In an unfamiliar and weak stranger’s body, three year’s time was lost, in which my homeland was brought to ruin. I was unable to come to my senses because of the pain of betrayal and confusion of my identity. However, eventually I decided to live on as ‘Luciphella Aidine’, a noble who wields a sword. Genre(s): 
Comic, Drama, Fantasy, Historical, Manhwa, Mecha, Romance, Shoujo, Time Travel, Webtoons

Where to read the best Shoujo manga?

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