What is Adaptation manga? Top 2 Best Adaptation manga of all time?

What is Adaptation manga?

Adaptation manga refers to the process of transforming a source material, such as a novel, video game, or animated series, into a manga format. In this context, manga refers to the Japanese style of comic books or graphic novels.

Top 2 Best Adaptation manga of all time?

1. The Red Sleeve:

Description:  There was a king who was said to be scarier than a goblin. And there was a court lady who wanted to live a long life. Strangely, the two found each other to be unpleasant. And so they drew closer. Yet, they didn’t get closer. While they shared one difficult and uncertain step at a time, both kept to their places like a habit. Her life was shaken by the king’s sudden feelings for her. “Do you really cherish me? If you do, please don’t even greet me in the next life.” This is a sad love story between a king who had to love his country, and a court lady who loved her life, both of whom could never be equals. Genre(s): 
Adaptation, Drama, Fantasy, Historical, Manhwa, Romance, Royal family, Shoujo, Tragedy, Webtoons

2. Cheer Up, Your Highness!

Description:  There comes a time in every princess’s life where she has to find her prince. But Hayool shuns marriage and wants to remain in the royal palace with her family. This crybaby princess is known throughout the kingdom for her strongheadedness. She’s even earned the nickname of “Eun-Lu,” or silver tears, for her crying fits. It seems that the right prince will never show up to whisk her off her feet. That is until one day, a dashing young man comes into the picture. Sunwoo Juyoung is a mysterious figure who exudes a quiet confidence. He has arrived at the empire with ulterior motives…but slowly but surely, has been captivated by the princess’s charms. However, competition for royal power is heating up and Hayool will be caught right in the middle of everything. Is all fair in love and royalty? Will the crybaby princess find her prince charming or will things become a royal mess…? Genre(s): 
Action, Adaptation, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Historical, Manhwa, Romance, Royal family, Shoujo, Slice of Life,

Where can I read the best Adaptation manga?

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