What is CEO manhua? Top 2 Best CEO manhua of all time? Where to read the best CEO manhua?

What is CEO manhua?

CEO is a genre of Chinese comic (manhua) that revolves around stories featuring characters in the role of CEOs, often in the business or corporate field. These stories typically carry strong elements of romance and work, focusing on the personal lives and careers of the main characters.

Top 2 Best CEO manhua of all time?

1. Vengeful Girl with Her CEO

Description:  She thought she fell into a love trap of a bossy president, he thought he will never be touched by anyone anything in this world. But a contracted marriage brings them two together. Is it something about fate or just love feeling appeared during accompany, or just another dark frame? Genre(s):  CEO, Comedy, Contract Marriage, Drama, Manhua, Romance, Urban romance, Webtoon, Webtoons

2. Keep Calm Mr Song

Description:  Shi Baba accidentally trapped in a book named “Lovely Wife of the CEO” and she is forced to complete tasks! Or else she will return to the beginning of this book! Shi Baba, now known as Bai Chuxiao, gets really fed up in this cliche romance with a bossy ceo so she finds herself an ally to help her. And this handsome ally is actually the most unpredicatable character in the plots… Genre(s):  Adventure, Adventure, CEO, CEO, Girl Power, Manhua, Manhua, Rebirth, Romance, Romance,

Where to read the best CEO manhua?

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