Top 2 Best Romance manga of all time? Where to read those manga?

What is Romance manga?

Romance manga is a genre of Japanese comics that focuses on romantic relationships and the emotional connections between characters. It explores the ups and downs of love, often depicting the development of romantic feelings, the challenges faced by couples, and the complexities of human emotions.

Top 2 Best Romance manga of all time?

1. The Reason Why The Twin Lady Crossdresses

Description:  When Linari, who was executed due to the tyrant crown prince’s plot, opened her eyes, she returned to the world three years prior. “In my second life, I will change my fate!” The method she chose was… crossdressing, in order to go to Fortis Academy in the stead of her younger twin brother, Liam! However, the crossdressed Linari caught the eyes of “Perseus,” the quartet led by the crown prince, and…?! An isekai academy love story begins… one where she can’t ever allowed to be caught! Genre(s):  Comedy, Fantasy, Gender Bender, Romance, School Life, Shoujo

2. Please Divorce Me

Description:  Eun-chae, who has lived for someone else all her life, even gets married through a contract. They are a show-window married couple. After she dies in a car accident, she is given another year to find her true love... "Please divorce me. I want to date like everyone else." "I'll give you anything you want. But no divorce." The reaction of Jin-wook, who seemed not interested in marriage, was unexpected, and Eun-chae tries 'forbidden physical contact' to break the contract. however... "If you break the contract..." "I'll do the same. Wouldn't that be fair?" Is this man weird? "No, just divorce me!!" Genre(s): 
Josei, Romance

Where to read the best Romance manga?

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