Top 2 Best Liexing manga of all time? Where to read those manga?

Top 2 Best Liexing manga of all time?

1. My Chubby Princess

Description:  The 21st Century genius Doctor and Assassin, Suddenly transmigrated into the Third Miss of Duke Residence, but became the infamous ugly and fat cripple? Unbeknownst to all, when her cold eyes open, ten thousands beats submit to her. She steps upon the evil woman and bastard man. She transform into a top ranked summoner and fight everyone in her way whether they are god or devil! As she has fun dealing with the bastards and losing weight, She didn’t know that she messed with a two-faced imperial uncle: “Imperial wife is as pretty as a fairy, you guys must keep watch of her closely. All those who comes up to her must be killed!” “Save me! Can I request to return this type of handsome but blinded and clingy husband?French – J’étais la meilleure agent du XXIème siècle. Je me retrouve dans le corps de Mu Wushuang, petite, grosse et laide qui est en proie au harcèlement et troisième fille d’un noble de la ville. Mais moi je vais prendre les choses en main ! C’en est fini de la faible Mu Wushuang ! Ils vont voir de quelle bois je me chauffe ! Genre(s): 
Comedy, Fantasy, Girl Power, Harem, Historical, Liexing, Manhua, Martial Arts, Ping Ping Jun, Romance, TimeTravel

2. I’m Worried that My Brother is Too Gentle

Description:  “Your Majesty! The documents were piled up like this!” I possessed of the aide’s younger sister, Irene Webber, who suffered from heavy duty because of the prince who fell in love and neglected his work. Before Bing, Irene, who was buried in work and faced the end of the overworked ranks, intends to keep such a terrible thing from happening as much as her beloved brother. Against overtime! Opposition to contact after work! Vicious boss, go back! Brother, work less and earn a lot! To this end, Irene tries to separate her brother and the prince. Knowing your enemies and knowing yourself can help you win. Irene doesn’t miss a small record about the prince who doesn’t even know her face for the future. But somehow, the face of her brother who sees Irene is dark… “Oh, Brother, if you’re meeting with your Majesty the Crown Prince again today, I’ll come with you…” “No way.” ‘Do you want to meet alone like that?’ Genre(s): 
Comedy, Comic, Completed, Crime, Demons, Doujinshi, Drama, Fantasy, Full Color, Harem, Historical, Isekai, Josei,

Where to read the best Liexing manga?

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