Top 2 Best Josei manga of all time? Where to read those manga?

What is Josei manga?

Josei manga is a genre of manga that is primarily targeted towards adult women. The term "josei" in Japanese translates to "woman" or "female." Josei manga explores a wide range of themes and topics that specifically resonate with adult women, often delving into more mature and realistic storylines and character development.

Top 2 Best Josei manga of all time?

1. Rewriting My Tragic Ending

Description:  A turn of fate… by your own hand. Alicia Melfont vows to restore the former glory of her house after the Dark God’s agent massacres her family. But when a mysterious book reveals that she’s only a supporting character meant to die for the true protagonist of the story, Alicia decides she won’t let some silly book determine her fate. Genre(s):  Drama, Fantasy, Josei, Romance

2. Hello Baby

Description:  Gwen, apprehensive and disheartened, spends a one-night affair with a playful stranger, Arthur. After nearly 2 years pass, Gwen and Arthur cross paths again – this time fighting over their child’s custody. Is it possible to settle this battle amicably, or will Gwen find herself desolate once again? Genre(s): 
Josei, Romance

Where to read the best Josei manga?

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