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Can I have a date with the Crown Prince again?

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As she aspired to become an idol like that, the day when she could stand on stage as a group XUM came near when it became unclear where her dream came from.
While practicing ahead of her debut, she suddenly shakes the ground, and her wall collapses and she enters this world through the main gate of the clock tower.
The time when Baek Ah fell into a fairy tale book is the point when she suddenly falls asleep under her spell after being engaged to her Prince Philip. Therefore, the world in the fairy tale has become chaotic.
In fact, Kairos, the country of Princess Sua, was just a small country without a princess. Therefore, without the support of the empire, it was on the verge of collapse. Philip took special care of Kairos in his own right and waited for Sua to wake up.
However, Baek-ah wakes up and disappoints Philip because she can’t remember the world in the book. Disappointed, he even brings up the story of breaking up. The imperial family held a ball. It was ostensibly a place to socialize with the princesses of the vassal state, but in fact, it is a ‘place of confrontation’ to find her fiancée again… .
King Anno of Kairos asks Baek-ah to save the kingdom and pushes Baek-ah, who has not yet understood the situation, to attend the imperial ball. Baek-a goes there with her maid, Lindsey. In the atmosphere of the ballroom, which is held like a survival program, Baek Ah said that if you are an idol, you should catch everyone’s eyes in other worlds as well.

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