Top 2 Best Historical manga of all time? Where to read those manga?

What is Historical manga?

Top 2 Best Historical manga of all time?

1. Choose Your Heroes Carefully

Description:  Lee Min-joon, an ordinary office worker, becomes the first reviewer of a friend’s mobile gacha game. He closes his eyes to the boring opening and reopens them in the game world. You have to take charge of the mechanics of directing and controlling the heroes. Suddenly, the first hero is summoned at the beginning of the tutorial, and Min-joon is delighted with the handsome hero who looks quite strong, but it turns out that he is a low-level character with no memories or proper weapons. Genre(s):  Drama, Fantasy, Historical, Shounen Ai

2. The Baby Dragon and the Rabbit Spirit

Description:  Rabbit spirit, Bi-yeon, who has nothing to do except take care of rabbits, picks up a cute little dragon that was badly injured one day. From that day onwards, he starts dreaming of his past life. Among the divine beasts, the rabbit spirit ‘Biyeon’ is on the lowest level. Although he is the highest level of divine beast, ‘Do-ryu’ was born with a prophecy that he would destroy the country. Their meeting, disguised as chance, and his other self from his previous life, start opening his eyes to new things. Genre(s):  Comedy, Historical, Romance, Shounen Ai, Supernatural

Where to read the best Historical manga?

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