Top 2 Best Ghosts manga of all time? Where to read those manga?

What is Ghosts manga?

Ghosts manga refers to a genre of manga that revolves around supernatural entities, spirits, and the supernatural realm. Ghosts manga often explores themes of horror, mystery, and the supernatural, creating a chilling and eerie atmosphere for readers.

Top 2 Best Ghosts manga of all time?

1. He’s a Supporting Character but I Love Him Anyway

Description:  “Let’s cherish each other!” The supporting character that will eventually be thrown away, don’t play hard to get! I am Kim Geumja who is deeply immersed in the supporting character of a novel soon to face a miserable ending. One day, I was involved in a car accident. When I opened my eyes, I found myself inside of a novel! It’s shocking but I couldn’t believe I met the supporting character whom I loved dearly, Kyle. Meeting him… I couldn’t help but dance from so much happiness. Proud of my sincerity and healthy body, I decided to make Kyle happy… But for some reason, I could hear all the bad feelings towards Kyle! What a useless telepathy… Kim Geumja, who lives with an excited heart thinking about Kyle again today. If I can be by Kyle’s side, I can do all kinds of work, even a man’s! Genre(s): 
Action, Cartoon, Comedy, Cooking, Crossdressin, Demons, Detective, Drama, Fantasy, Game, Ghosts, Harem,

2. Adventures of an Undead Who Became Paladin

Description:  “Humility! Integrity! Compassion! Valor! Justice! Sacrifice! Honor! Faith!” He’s a lich, however, he’s knightly! He is a lich, but he keeps his faith in the light! “Fearless in the face of the enemy! Loyal and upright, he fights to the death! Why you may ask? Because protecting the weak is not against the law of the world!” ……………. This is the story of a cat with a bad mouth and a lich who gave his body and soul to the service of the Light! Genre(s): 
Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Ghosts, Harem, Magic, Magical, Shounen

Where to read the best Ghosts manga?

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